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[ear]   Music paints the scene when nothing is sung I need no drums, Just the steadily unsteady beat of my pulse   [heart]
At first I thought you were diamond embedded And then I saw how imperfectly you were created You willow crying like you lost perfection And some of us see your little perfect complexions
I want the world to see what beauty can be Natural, imperfect perfection
imperfect being drifting on the other side of the wall to be free of err is to be captive to nothing at all
Am I Perfect? My body is small hardly like a barbie doll. My hair is thick and dark It is bold as if making a loud remark My eyes are almond shape a brilliant brown i can't escape
Frizzy hair is the norm for me With a crooked smile and chubby cheeks Glasses sit on the bridge of my nose And who can stand a girl with goofy toes  It is always a tight squeeze to fit into my jeans
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