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i hope that someday i can change not just for a moment  but true change when i don’t feel these things when i can overlook those words which have disrupted my peace
i thought i would feel peace but all i feel is chaos slipping deeper into the black falling from anyone’s grasp as the seconds continue to pass
Lost in the middle of nothingness Wandering, just wandering A pair of shoes and my soul Where are you?   Lost, not because I’m lost Find me; I want you to find me Hold me, and never let me go
I love you. I love the way I hurt all the time. I love the way you make me feel like breaking down. I love it when you say you love me, but don’t show me.
I'm always sorry. I look at boys sometimes and think, "Damn, I bet he's never been in love." I always think I can fix things, especially, it seems, when they're not broken.
Countless hours Harmony in my head Words of life Don't send me to bed Stay up with me Keep me company I am the quiet stream But you're the babbling brook speak in sense
Depressed, frustrated Worried: boyfriend has mono Down, emotional
no, everything's not fine. that much is obvious. the feeling of pain, you enjoy it. the reason why? I don't know. you say it'll all be fine but you don't know that.
It's almost here As I count down the days, I can't help but feel scared I leave my old life behind to pursue something new Looking at the cap and gown hanging beside me I can't help but feel like crying
He's worried that she might not smile everyday He's worried he'll miss her too much when he goes away He's worried that she won't laugh at his dumb joke He's so worried so much....dam he might choke
Fear fills me As I sit and think of the near future Will I make Am I good enough What struggle may i go through All sorts of questions fill my Head At this point I'm complete scared
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