saywhatyouwill flawless scholarship slam

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Deep thoughts. Calm and selfless. For you, I shall do anything. 
Here's a little story of the girl who thought she'd never make it. Growing up in a world that told her all she has to do is fake it. Seeing the world in black and white isn't right, and she knew it, 
What makes me flawless? I am flawless beacuse of all my things that don't make me falwless. All my mistakes and insecurities  make me the man I am today.
Eyebrow game on point, Long legs that go on for days, Lips like Kylie J.  
Shall I start with an introduction?  Just wow I am doing this production, I am beyond FLAWLESS this is no assumption.  feel my vibes go through the winds and sands of the the earth. 
I wake up each morning,  and I brush my tangled hair, I dont put on make-up, and I dont have expensive clothes to wear. So say what you will, I am flawless.   Sometimes I am quite,
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