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My days aren't always great, but when they are, it's very sunny. Sometimes I may run late and have to hop to it like a bunny. But boy you should know that my life is crazy awesome
I am a perfectionist with a capital P. Let down if I get less or equivalent to a B, because I want to be the best that I can be, and yet, I can never seem to keep my room clean for more than a week...
When I look in the mirror, who do I see? A beautiful black girl with, A smooth queenly head, dark and lovely, held high, glimmering with Fierceness, Pride, and Innate awesomeness.
I woke up like this… You woke up like this… Who woke up like this? Flawless.   Saying we look so good tonight, But how will we feel tomorrow? Guilt, Shame, Nausea?
Dentists would always call me "Bucktooth Beaver," Potentially straight teeth, was everyone, even I, a nonbeliever?   The other girls said my breasts remind them of a boy,
I am independent, strong, and ambitious I’ve got goals, aspirations, that are oh so vicious Because I don’t hold myself down, I keep myself up 
A word that I've used, More often than not. The word itself, Looks like a work of art.   Wednesday, I look okay. I went to school, makeup I had clung to Now washed away.  
Dear Me, It doesn't matter what you say, you don't know me I don't even know me...well I'm still trying to figure me out And yes I have flaws but name a person who doesn't. Not you. And certainly not I.
My theatre room used to be the dance room.
Everyone is BEAUTIFUL. FLAWLESS is unattainable; as is PERFECTION, GOD is the only being of Perfection. He created us, in His Image; So aren't we all Beautiful? Beauty is measured by your soul,
Society trying to mislead me Make me something I’m not Or are they Trying to rip The veil In front of my blind eyes To reveal What I have yet To see
I'm not flawless I'm not perfect But with my personality, I promise I'm worth it   I have many talents Blessed with many gifts I can't name them all So, I'll just make a list  
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