slambehindthecurtainscholarship Slam Behind the Curtain

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In a lonely and frigid time, All I see is crime. I feel so scared and defeated Cheated, heated, but not depleted.  I keep marching on Using more than just brawn. People only see what I show
It's stuffy in the room, As if I'm gonna meet my doom.
Broken Mirrors Filled with screeching fears Remove the mask And reveal the task
you still hold the key that opens gates to places others have not seen. you have been in every inch of y body my poor little body used and weatherd by the time i have spent here you wonder ill get better
The true me isn't this scared little girl that I appear to be. She's fearsome like a warrior. She stands against the tides and watches the waves crash around unmoved. She's smart, as smart as any scholar. 
Only the snow that falls knows the things that cannot be seen. The entire world is a very narrow bridge
I am 16 and "colored" with naturally curly hair.
You, Uncloaked   Hidden from head to toe you wonder why they can't see you won't allow yourself to show is this the way it's always going to be?   A mask, a facade, a curtain
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