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she barely drank the poison, barely tasted it at all. she walked home a little dizzy, suprised she didnt fall. she snuck through her window, afraid to just walk in the door.
The hallways and lockers all look the same But it seems each different person all seem so vain  Each day and class was the same ole norm The teacher with the short brown hair was such a bore
I feel it every day Breathing on my neck I felt it yesterday When I felt like a wreck   It's all around me Inside and Out Is anyone there to see Or here me shout  
  Death is easy, Life is hard, Death is calm, Life is rough.
In the end What will happen when the world ends? We ponder on the past What about the future? We judge by what is apparent What does that say about us?
  They watch over me Every step, every sound, every move Then they ignore me Not a word, not a glance, not a worry I want to be free I want to go out on my own
"Of course I'm fine." 'Please help me.' "Don't worry I'm already over it." 'It hurts too much to talk about, don't you see?' "I'm gonna be busy." 'I want to be alone.' "Sounds like fun."
I stand at the edge of my cliff Soft grass carressing my skin As I stare at the crashing waves against the harsh cliff Sun dazzling of the crest of hundreds of waves A beautiful last scene To hold in my mind
I looked around for you until I could no longer see,   Then I realized that this loneliness would forever be apart of me.   The sickening trials of love and connection.  
If only you knew how much i needed a friend / i thought i gave you a hint when you saw a cut under my chin/ and  you saw hate marks on my arm or when/ i use to laugh and tears would come out i would say your killing me ,but deep down like a din s
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