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I want you. I want you so bad to be like her. To remind me of the times when I had a smile and everything was fine.
  How do you live with yourself? How can you sit there and pretend nothing happened? Don’t you realize? Can’t you see what my life has become because of you? Because I let you in,
When I try reading his mind Its just a Big Question mark. When I examine his eyes He looks past me, And more focus on anonymous things. 
Tell me everything that makes you you  all your flaws, so I can love them,  all your scars, so I can kiss them,  and in the night I will cover your body with all the love I  have to offer 
I was once an open book; my emotions and deepest thoughts were the cover. One day someone ripped out my pages and tossed me into a dark corner.
Dead and gone you may now be Take your place among the stars Our joyous, wonderful memories Forever, dwell within my heart
When poets fall in love, The gods themselves weep For they know of the souls, The minds, The hearts That will be unhinged And yet mended. Each breath rolls off their tongues
This is a poem for the next girl to break my heart. I will write angry poems about you. Post them on billboards. Pray to a God that I don’t believe in. Dead stars should not shine.  
From the time I was a cub, I knew how to roar. My mother lit a fire in me before my paws touched the earth And maybe I’ve burnt things down. Arson is a crime, but love is not.   I was taught to love all men,
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