being Latino

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The boycott taking place and people protesting for my race, but what are we trying to chase if the president ain't leaving his place? No work and no school what point are we trying to prove?
Life is a movie. I seem to be caught mid-scene and there is no plot.  
Dear society, There is hair sown to my arms and legs but you have given me razors for that. Imperfections dug on my face and none of your creams and pills work. A tunnel in between my front teeth…
Being Latina is not being ashamed of who you are. It's being PROUD. It's realizing you are a descendent of warriors and fighters who died for their land so that you could be free from oppression.
Do I look like a criminal or rapist? I'm not a criminal and I'm not rapist I am angry. I am angry that people who support Donald Trump are proud of it
Identity is the flint of the modern age Sparks rain when we shape who we are Nations big and small all share their drowned  voice What is mine, you ask? Well, I'll tell you  
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