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I love pink, sparkly things, high heels, makeup, and getting my nails done.   I am a leader, and also a follower.  I am a doer, a thinker, and a player.  I study, after applying my mascara, and brushing my hair.    
How can I focus How can I think of anything When all I want to do is think of you you you the feel of you in a t-shirt pressed against my chest Holding me close
- For Cory - Daintiness was never in my design I wasn't ever intended to be petite pixie-like delicate slender but you have to play with the cards you've been dealt
I have strength, But I am looked at as weak, Why? Because I am a girl, a female, a woman, But does being this label define me?
We need more girl geeks Tech should be for everyone Representation
I remember when candy was sweet And reality was a treat When the world was right And the sun shined bright When smiles were true And the tears were through
Flawlss perfection. Perfect body. Perfect Teeth. Perfect clothes. Then theres me. Im a size 18-20 in pants My teeth are crooked and yellow. I think of Walmart as hollister.
And as I digress I realize there is nothing more I can ever do than to accept myself Being nurtured and loved by the same society that turns around and disownes you for what? Being Fat Short legs Huge boobs
The first time I began to scoot, crawl and walk towards my dreams of accomplishing more than I had dreamed The first time I began to imagine a world unlike the one I lived in, a utopia where dreams and realities would collide
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