no regrets

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Layers of mixture You build them up Over and over and Bake at high temperatures. Each part merges: A chemical change that can't be undone. I learned that in school.
Dear Future Me,
The baby is crying  he yells at her  something rises in the back of your throat  but it's the kind that holds you back you flinch as his words grow fouler  as his actions grow in recklessness 
Why regret Don't forget the things you should have done the things you shouldn't've done Live for the regrets Live to do the things no one else would You're still young Live while you're young
It's a good thing fire is my favorite element,
My life is a book. Some pages are beautiful, some are funny, some I wish
      Live life in love, for love is free; as is a smile,      Though sparingly are they given      And mistakes are felt, and apologies dealt,      Though seldom are they forgiven.
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