third eye

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What if......   What if this isn’t all just a song What if I really show you what is wrong What if you already know who to blame
Bees are like kamikazes and Superman probably ain’t gonna save the day today oh well let the strange hang today I’ve been feeling kinda different lately might just blow my brains away some will say oh dang that’s a crazy mang and some w
Land of the free and the home of the brave? More like land of the thieves and home of the slaves! Taxation steals money all over the nation. We're working for the government on this corporate plantation.
Don't play games with me Give me that smile, I know you know it's just pain to me. I love it. That's when your most pure to me. It's your darkness, yet it so clear to me.
My minds got me convinced that I'm scared of the silence , so I sit here with the music off. My minds got me convinced that I'm scared of feeling alone, so I set my phone to airplane mode.
The light has risen again I'm out of this bed, But I cant sleep and my eyes have turned red, trying to see things alternative to this bed
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