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Authors do not write only for the members of online communities. They write stories, poems, and songs to share with everybody. More visitors to websites read poetry than members of websites do.
How is it that 1) no one seems to ever comment on anything they read? and 2) is anyone even reading my poems?
I’m more interested in readership than comments. The readers don’t have to like my compositions.   I don’t have to answer questions about my poetry, And neither do I have to respond to any comments.  
Should I respond to contemptuous comments on my poetry? Perhaps I should say something positive or persuasive. Or perhaps I should remain silent in the presence of my adversaries.
Society vs your intellectual mind  You stand no chance, fighting the social justice warriors  who battle your opinions and thoughts  telling you, that you,  You are wrong, that you, 
no one comments anymore it`s kind of lonely here I can`t feel your clicks on the other side you show me yourself and I show you myself and we sit around too shy to say anything
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