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In the dead of the night When no one is near My misery flows freely And I'm just wishing Wishing someone would hear
My pitter-patter heart Misses a beat As my eyes rest upon My dearest sweet
I loved You deceived With passionate kisses Betrayed me And our promised blisses
You changed the narrative Shifted the blame Oh my darling dear Can't you see Who the villain is here?
Winter begins when our eyes meet We cast our icy stares at each other And I'm frozen where I stand I pound the glass in frustration You do the same The same idea must be crossing your mind
You denied my heart the happiness you promised to give.
You reminded me that love exists only in dreamers hearts.
You had me seeing poetry where there were only words.
Isn't it funny that how I dress dictates your actions? 
Happiness is the time between absolute life and absolute death
Power is only possessed if it is allowed to exist
Hope is the heart telling you that you can win
Strength is what happens when when determination meets hardship and perseveres.
The memory of your last words ringing in my ears
The sea called, you answered; I waited, I make mistakes...
Feathers flew as cupids poisened arrow felled another lost soul
You told me I had a voice like an Angel. Then I saw the Devil's tail as you walked away.
Echoing down the hall your last foot steps fade away
I was seeing stars and tasteing blood in my brandy
The sun left with you, then I saw the stars.
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