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Midnight Watching you 'till I fall asleep As my eyes shut, you followed me in my dream You were my knight in shining armour, my Prince Charming
I love people who are passionate in what they do.It not only connects with me but it inspires me.As I watch from the sidelines it's like their achievements are minebut it is far from it.In this world I feel helpless at times.I feel I'll never achi
I'm a big fan of Doctor Who.I'm talking about the classic series, not the new.The Doctor defeated the Daleks, the Zygons and the Cybermen.He also defeated the Master, the Rani, the Quarks and Zoden.
I'm proud of my team dressed in brown and orange; The city, no, the state that I call my home; The perpetual losing, the continuous booing, all is so close to my heart; While others may laugh at this team on my back;
      how you look   the way you smile  
The ceiling fan Harmlessly Blows around the darkness Unknowingly
Impossibly obsessed with the humdrum of a fan. The rippingly waves that fill the arid silence of stale surroundings. A inarticulate liveliness created in all forms.
My Heroes Wear Spandex! A Poem By: Joey Palluconi As you may already know heroes can come in all shapes And some even wear capes Some carry badges and guns Others leave our hearts stunned
I watched you in the cage, partly bloody Circling the bars in a hellish rage. Age was hard on your heart. Two chosen others Took his offer. Who I desire is a man’s older brother
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