being myself

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My life is simpleIts not too much but its not to littleI have a brother but not a sisterNot little brother but one that's olderI have a lot of things I like to do, just as many of things I don't like to do
I’m 19 years old I’m ambidextrous I hate bell peppers in my food I still don’t have a driver’s license And for as long as I can remember
I remember deciding I was awesome, and that was all that mattered. I remember thinking others were bossy, Crying because I was called the same.
Apply yourself in school,
'98, 17 Man I’m only 17, But there's people always pushing me to do great things,
I am perfectly imperfect
I just wish that I could be myself, you know? 
I don't quite know If the masks I wear Fit Me.   I'm not sure if the
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