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Sit down; let's play a game. Sleep sound; the monster's been tamed. Still loud; the voices scream: "Let me out; you know you're just a fiend."   "Slow down; I don't wanna play.
What I’m Not September 13, 2018 ~ Thursday There’s music in the hills Sounds of song on their backs, fronts, and sides That which I’ve never heard
Losing him feels like a thousand days' rain. A weathered heart pumping rusty blood through iron veins. When he's gone a patinated pulse is all I have left. I can feel his presence
The winds that awakened the stars are blowing through my blood; The universe resides within,
If i ruled the world Everyone would be kings and queens If you want the diamonds and the pearls You gotta reach for it Coming up form the ashes and the bone Feeling like the Tinman, the Lion and the Scarecow
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