2014 Scholarships

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Yes I have one job in mind to create a generation that no longer is blind changing the perspective of things that are left to be neglected that other america no one cares to see but feels sorry for that other america the teens live in, the one th
To me teaching is inspiring  To me teaching is leading How many can say that they Led people to inspire others How many can say that they Showed people how wonderful and terrifying the world is
I'd like to take a stethoscope and listen to your heartbeat carefully To hear what it is saying I'd like to take an x-ray of all your broken heart bones so I can know If you're worth fixing
Putting emotion into a sound  creating art for all who will listen Building it up from the ground making music from passion within  becoming apart of something so known but being original is the key 
Maybe I’m the monkey And what I see is what I want to do But there’s something about Creating one world And sharing it with another That appeals to me. Maybe it’s a visual thing
I’m high Higher than I’ve ever been before But this time is different No drugs for me Not this time   I’m touching the stars I’ve never been this close before But this time is different
Your amygdala amuses me Small or average? easily indicating intentions Feelings of remorse, and guilt evade you can you imitate emotions As easily as the average human releases them 
I thought if I jumped,  I'd fly to the moon and dance among stars. I thought if I jumped, I'd soar above my parent's hopes for me. I thought if I jumped,
Pages turn, rustling pervades the air.
I stand on the edge of the abyss Staring into the multitude of eyes and hushed excitement   Red ones spout criticism "She's just a naive child with too big a nose"
You listen and you learn and you search and you earn your right to gain what you didn't have before. If understanding your mind is what it takes to be safe and sound  I'll do it. 
Expanding our knowledge Day after day Questons of the youth arise "why am I here?"  "I swear I heard this last year." Repetion begins and creativitiy fades  "I want to be more than him
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