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Sometimes I hear daddy yelling
Change is the very meaning of our life As humans we are the definition of change We are also everchanging to meet our needs Within change more change is needed Our greed makes our charge so much 
Which is worse a gun or a thought?
This world is getting crazy; the truth is a blurred line Respect is something foreign; a concept not grasped Where greed and envy run rampant, where everyone screams "Mine!"
  When people ask me, What would you change? They are surprised to find, that it's not my personality. If I were to change something, it would not only affect you and me, But also everyone you see.
My World it is filled with joy and wonderIf I were to change one thingit would be how the world views matters of the heartwho dares tells another person who they canand cannot love
Change, it's not always good,
Constant tapping echoes through the night In my head, the throbbing increases Then I awake to a blinding light That shatters into a thousand pieces   My heart pounds with incredible might
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