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In an instant, I caught a moment, That fell off from time, But the instant was gone, And with it, the moment, Leaving me staring, Into emptiness. #free_verse
stepping into the foyer, a gush of wind hitting me can you smell it on me?  my paranoia is getting the best of me, i need to calm down a nice hot showing will cool my nerves 
heart sinks. ears hot. eyes wander. and hands fiddle. Don't think or else it becomes real. Hold back. "What do you have to say for yourself?" no response. your actions are real,
" 15 minutes " He said to me eagerly " A lot can happen in 15 minutes" I knew what he meant but I told myself I wouldn't give in He looked deep into my eyes. With his gorgeous brown eyes. 
one day I was walking somewhere new singing an unfamiliar tune in a voice that was not my own. the sand uncomfortable in my shoes and the wind skipping across my skin chilling me through
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