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I ate a booger last night. I admit it, you’re probably right. It’s nothing terribly bad. It makes no sense why you’re mad. I ate a booger last night.   Its tenderness was sublime and just right,
Open up the gates, let the people see 
I need to sleep, my brain is fried My emotions are bottled up inside I’ve gone too long, I can’t turn back God, I wish it could all just fade to black
She dances it all away until there is no yesterday, nor tomorrow or today. Hardwood floor and mirror take their place, surrounding her with their grace.
i’ve wondered how you remember me. do you remember me? i’m grasping at strings that hold clouds. wisps slip through. am i too loud? whisper. gentle sounds make me
I loved her so until the end but even my love could not mend of the evil that lived inside of her and continued to hide We had to make our schedules bend
You see the world, yet you ignore
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