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Rise UP Rise up I say, why you gotcha ya head bowed This ain’t what our ancestor had in mind when they feet hit the ground Running as fast as they could, never looking back at the enemy
America The Brave They say America is the land of the free and home to the brave. But what about the minds here that enslaved?
I was walking home from 7 Eleven, withdrawing some cash after an 8hr day at work. Plus, an hour commute.   I heard cop sirens behind me. I kept it pushin’ because I knew that I had done nothing wrong.
        I come from a rich city with many different fast-food restaurants to pig out at.               I come from a small street where let out my feelings and concerns in a new world of hip-hop dance.
I pledge alligence to the Black Man. The bearer of life and protector of life and provider of nourishment. 
Our race....Why is it filled with so much hate? When the late great Martin Luther King had a dream...and the way we live today,I really don't think that's what he means.
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