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When sunshine breaks through the clouds and warm breezes rustle branches and make the ripples on a pond Summertime When bullfrogs leap to and fro and rabbits frisk in meadows
I've always dreaded summer. I don't remember if it's because I spent it alone. With hardly any friends. Or cleaning. But I've always dreaded it. 
to my Sun   Thou supply all need, My riches because of you The harvest of my fruit Forever.  
The story of snow begins with a white winter until summertime.
Nearly three months of joyful bliss,Are soon to be cut short and sorely missed,For tomorrow commences a new era in time,It marks the death of summertimeChildren no longer may bask in the sun,
Tell me summer dreaming; tell me Ice cream stories & sunshine tan lines, tell me Water sparkles in the sun & friends will never leave you   Tell me tall grass on the beach & cool drinks; tell me
Fireworks. They're beautiful, aren't they? But, quite tragic, tbh. I mean, Yes, they're stunning. And, everyone gathers to gaze in awe.
The sun is shining down on my face The mud is dryin' up in this place I can feel the heat every which way
A wisp of wind pushed cottony, sun-brightened tendrils across your ruddy cheeks, and a soft, golden light makes you glow like a firefly calling for a friend in the sticky coolness of the night
Summertime o summertime I cannot wait for thee Especially when I drind a huge drink that makes me go pee.
She fell in love with sunshine, Under the old oak tree. Dancing its way through canopy- Kissing her skin with the light of day.
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