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He made butter fly And turned dragons to flies!
Sandwich? Sure, wrap it up.That pizza must have cost you a lotta dough.I told the toast, “Feel butter soon.”Looks like the manatee got the seal of approval.
Two twins named Chantelle with buckets and bells took to the road to scoop from the well   bending right over, Chantelle, who, quite sober, slipped off the end and tumbled and fell
Petty people called me trash Yeah, I am trash They forgot that trash goes into a trash can Therefore I am a trash can A trash can do anything It's called a trash can Not a trash cannot
Oh what a fog I glimpsed today; in a peculiar way, it steamily lay. It seemed to say “hello”  and “hey” and depraved the morning day of its fresh ache, suspending heartbreak
The fiery beast falls, slain by the (k)night, His flame breath extinguished in the cool air As darkness engulfs the diminished light And strips its presence in the clear sky bare.
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