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Absolute breathe in the dawn of effervescence Sweet fluidity of ecstasy perfectly perfumed  In the lap of silence 
Silent storm chaser  Sweet hail of rain, wildfire, and  Cumulonimbus.   A mystic lover 
This year, I burned myself away I let myself wilt  Without dismay Often, I was horrified A world in meltdown Triggered my pride And let me drown I got up, though I always came around
— sui cædere… To make way for grief
On the way back where?-ward, the tree's bark disfigured me out, formed lips that mirrored my breath, I wonder at what depth's do my words sink in
Hallelujah, hell, I’d known better   Ain’t no comin’ back once you get on That train down to Memphis where Your sister lives.  Where your sister lives And works, you say, isn’t a place but
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