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Pride was a notorious lover and womanizer. His life revolved around his constant involvement with women. Pride could woo a woman into submission and bring her to do his bidding.
Determination became a cop. Her job was hard on her the moment she earned her badge. She fought down the demons that lurked inside the criminals, all in the name of Justice. Determination was unstoppable.
Virtue owns a fashion line. She has styles that are sinful and seductive. She makes it chic and timeless and appealing. Every piece of her couture line was made to bring out the desire and passion of every woman. Virtue doesn't play it safe.
Dinner and wine with boyfriend at Fleur De Lis at 7 p.m.
Life is what is real, It's the one thing that's happenin'. If you don't feel like living it, You'll be the one tappin' in-- Tappin' in to oppression and life's degradations,
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