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I am a small lonely dog, Whot has been left in the streets. I am smaller than a pig, And has been kicked by many feet.   I often get called a mutt, and yelled at by many,
Big brown eyes Full of wisdom and pain from his past life Lying on the dirt He's witnessed many a fight Survived weeks of starvation His torn up old feet A constant reminder of the losses been endured
Master, I wonder why do you beat me so. What have I done to deserve this pain. Is it because my name is Pitbull
There are few who truly know you, who truly understand. For others just see the veil that everyone else has draped upon you. They only see the fabrication of something that is a nightmare to others.  
49 days... Black slippery slime sluggishly soaking the covers Comfortable in her favorite area yet sharp pains like a blade to the womb continuously causing convulsions
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