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I am a black male I am a teen i am a leader searching for the way I am somebody to take action I am someone who wants something I am destined for greaness I am looking I am searching
The mind- the reincarnate queen,my pens- the worker bees,oozes waxen flakes of inspiration,both devilish and angelical.The ink creates a homein a soon-to-be-discovered honeycomb
Behind this false face, remain flawless conflictions- A mask of such wrath, and endless contradiction Good deeds are unseen, Anger is routine- never in between, because bliss is obscene
Waking up feels so good Wanna do it everyday, I think I would A dream becomes reality I hope I'm right I'm blessed that I'm waking up because people really can't   Waking up is all I need
Even if she got hurt,
If i had the courage to tell you how i feel then you might fall for me  if i had the stregnth to hold our relationship then maybe we would know what love is  If i could see how much you dont care then i might just move on 
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