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Art is Inspiring  By Ashley Rissmiller  Art is inspiring!  Art flows from the creative mind.  The poet… The painter…  The dancer…  The musician… The actor… The dreamer…  
I “I hear that when God closes a door he must open a window.” Sister Louise did not respond to my joke. She was unmoved from her post at the window, as if waiting for God to emerge from the rain
all the places you go taste the history breathe the stories the essence the air heavy with magic take a sip of the soul of the land then leave a bit of you for the next traveler
Her smile in these photos entice me to look deeper and beyond my interpretation.
I am an artist.Some people would say that 'artist'is synonymous with 'creator'--I am not a creatOR,I create AND keep on creating.
When I reach for the pen and paper, and begin to write/ Do I write about what’s right or mainstream it to tight/ One brings fame while the other brings respect/ I guess the only way to impress is to show intellect/
The darkness will rise, The moon will shine, And take souls as a prize, While the creatures moan and whine.   The morose skies, The dreadful evils, The hopeless cries,
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