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Can You Feel ... " My Vibe " ... Because Mine's About Connecting Lives ... Through ... Use of Rhyme ... !!!
Poems shape our thoughts The deep meanings strike my soul They teach us the world.  
you see, music is the key to world peace. instead of all these youngsters dying on the streets  just sit down and listen to some dope shit become one with the beat and youll prolly start to spit
#Day2 - August 2017   Love shot down like a thug on the street..   Heart shattered like broken glass on a beat..   Sound waves rumbling through my head like a stampede..  
Dancing like the trees, you change like the leaves. 
  Good vibes today For todays a new day So make today better then yesterday And yesterday better then the day before that Be kind to everyone For everyone has a kind bone in them
There's no such thing as a happy ending. Either you're hurt or you're dead. You think you'll always have people there, But were the hell is a friend?
The struggles of everyday life are endlessKeeping up with everything can be arduousI'm really trying to keep up with all of thisAll you can do is smile and pretend to be famous
Beauty is not an idea tossed around gently. Beaty is thrown around like a football, Sometimes trampled on or throw in the air. To some, the football has no meaing. To several, it has an abundance of meanings.
With my ukulele guiding me down the pathway to good vibes. With the breeze in my hair giving me a feeling of pure comfort. With the sun on my face enveloping me in its transient warmth.
Do you ever think about, the vibes you're sending out, the reason why it seems you attract certain things, an expression of ourselves is all around us.
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