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Gunshots...After taking shots..
I never thought I could hate one letter so vehemently. One letter + One message = a pent up molten core of anger ans spite pounding, protesting, vying for freedom in my chest.  
Who will be there for me when I cry Who will be there to catch me fall Who willl be there when I want to die Who will be there when I need to call Here inside reality I feel like there's no one there
Because I Love you, I bought you flowers  Because I love you, I paid for your meal  Because I love you, I found out who you were with last night
Step... Step... Step... Look now! What Have We Here? By God, it's a Turtle! Taking her First Steps! Shyly, Hesitantly, and on Wobbly Legs Could You Ever Believe She Could Step Out of Her Shell At Long Last?
DON'T CUT! They say it's not worth it Theysay it's just gonna hurt They saay it's just gonna scar But what do they know For that second I was in control For that second I wasn't in pain
the blood in my veins are the tears that cry out from the lacerations on your heart.  i see the ones on your wrist and i say to myself, "has she never felt love?"
I can't breathe I'm surrounded by people  but I have never  been so alone   I feel the walls closing in around me  I'm shaking uncontrollably now   I'm scared
The ones who wear their heart on their sleeve  We are the few the ones who are constantly stepped on The ones no one understands because we are too fat or too skinny
                I sit in a hole, alone. Staring around me into nothing. Staring around me into darkness. I sit, complaining that I'm here alone. The more I think the deeper the hole goes. "I suck at this" deeper, darker.
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