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This feeling is brand new, and I'm not sure if I like it. It's intensity burns brighter than anything I have ever known. It gives me hope and motivation. It also makes me feel hopeless and demotivates me.
All this time i thought we Were playing childhood games. You were the husband And i was the wife, tending To all the loving children we Bore together. We knew This was all make believe .
Note to self,
I live in a land where the flag speaks red A red that gives pride and shelter until my end Yet to my Friends  red Bends to displaying the Bloodshed Of their countries Living through the darkness of the dead
I'm not a poet
A heart can rest When safely here.
Sitting in the dark Under the moon Your mind runs away And you're left with your thoughts You gaze up at the stars And you think about the ones That you love and lost
  Sometimes I need to stop and breathe For a single moment of relief From heart breaks or straight A’s or prom dates or bad days Behind each breath is a meaning
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