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Folks ... People AREN'T Joking ... !!! When They Say I'm ... " OUTSPOKEN " ... !!!!! Sometimes I Say Things ... That Leave People ... BROKEN ... !!!!!!!!
I become absent minded of the speed  Creeping on the clouds  They pour on my dome, only to dilate  Central station taught me not to cooperate with plain oceans  Highway tolls speak otherwise 
I was always to shy to speak sometimes I was that quiet nobody  I'd get teased for it oftentimes  Too average, too awkward
If I could change one thing, Just one little thing in the world, I would tell the lonely the speak up and shout out what they have to say. We quiet ones aren't deserving to be outspoken,
I am a girl often outspoken and misunderstood. I am a girl who is stubborn. I am a girl who is easily distracted, confused, and overwhelmed. I may seem stoic on the outside, but I am quite fragile on the inside.
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