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Allowing.  Lifting.  Holding.  Nurturing.  Being.  Weeping.  Forgiving.  Love can hurt.  But it can also heal.  Love knows how to say sorry.  And knows exactly how to feel.  No questions, no doubts. No controls in sight.  Love is the answer.
Hot enough to burn the skin, but not scathing Interfere with the drop of a pin, watch it float lazily Inconsistent with its complexion, maybe clear or hazy Bland and lacking expression, reminiscent of a daydream
He had just written his first bookAll his siblings gathered to take a lookIt was mystical and wonderful thats for sure His book had caused quite the uproarYet even under all that stressHe was always determined always tried his best When he was fee
Around here, but everywhere, there's a place. There prevails a place of purity  And harmony. In a lonely palace Or perhaps in a boisterous city.   The warm waters render me to unwind
Cherry-picked exactness and I’m trying to tell you exactly what I mean. Will you listen? Because some days I hear beautiful things that I don’t like, and wonder why they are even here. I used to read all the time.
It is not alive But it can die Yet it can't seem to survive.   It is not strong But it can hold on Yet it can't seem to be wrong.   It is not kept But it can be handicapped
If you can guess what I am You’ve probably seen me More than one can imagine I run through your body Like bodies of water Nothing stops me But the 3 layers of your skin
Frothy foam and stinging spray, Running wild and leaping fay. Endless motion, unbroken stream, Lofty heights to deepest dreams. Pounding power, crashing thunder, Ocean's roar now torn asunder.
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