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I am the back seat boy.  The lone ranger that wanders in a dark abyss. I am the one who sees what others call evil. I marvel at it. We dance upon our shadows. I am the one locked up in mind and soul.
Despair is a disease of the spirit, But passion is an ailment for the heart. One cannot exist without the other. Yet, would it be simpler a life, with just one?
Good bye Try not to cry Long sigh Something shatters inside A new realization The cycle just completed a rotation No intentions Little predictions Sometimes it is a game
emotions meet your demise for it is a poem that looks you in the eye happiness no longer causes madness insanity reality clarity personality no longer cookie cutter
Dear Me, Don't you see your problem is this you can't forget what love is you see him everywhere when y'all speak you can't help but to stare into those eyes you fell anything you would sell
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