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Medical scientists have secretly done many unlawful experiments on human subjects. Politicians and scientists are without doubt the wickedest people on this planet.
You covet everything I have and you suppress my ability to achieve. Selfishness and greed will certainly devour you. I am the same human being as you are and I have the right to life.
You try to limit my lawful opinion by threats, scared tactics and intimidation. The truth terrifies you evil serpents, so you do not want to hear it. You flee in confusion like insane persons when nobody is pursuing you. .
Snow White, Aurora, Jasmine, Belle Tiana, Cinderella, and my beloved Ariel. Seven Disney Princesses... Also known as the seven deadly sins.
Wickedness comes, it comes in the forms of Drug's, Greed, Envy, Lust, Glutonany, Pride, Gloth, Rath, Lie and Steal. So many fall under the wicked spell and lose sight of everything they have right in front of them without even realizing it.
The world seems as if it was baptized into wickedness. Everywhere you go all you see and feel is hatred. Being raised in a family, and an unsafe neighborhood, is scary.
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