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 fire saints march By A.R.T   The saints of fire now march on heaven All burnt but free,they go to become one in the sky
Is This Not The Very Nation Built on religion That goes to elaborate A clear Segregation Between Church And State And the same country that
You shove me down But I get up You try to keep me hidden But my fire will never die You take my trust
Life has its ups and downs Mistakes and lessons learn Friends and Enemies And family and strangers Life can display some of the sweetes shows Yet it can all end with a dreadful nightmare
Joy. Happiness.  Things that decribe me. I live for him. He died for me.  In desprate times, He is there. When no one is around, I know He comforts me. We learn from His word and teachings.
God has silver hair.
God,  A poor man's riches A hungry man's bread A changing soul switches 
The night holds half of my soul; The daylight holds the other half of my soul. Night is beautiful; Daylight is beautiful too. God blinds me with the rays from the sunlight like he is trying
If I have freedom of religion, Why am I ostracized for my beliefs? Why do people argue with me? And try to sway me to their side When I say I do not believe in God. If I have a freedom of speech,
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