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  Many believe in afterlife,  may it be heaven or hell.  Some believe reincarnation  relive as a doe or eagle. But I, as a reader, 
Lazy rain patters on the rooftop Drops roll down the glass window A room - dimly lit and cool A tea kettle whispers slow   Through the window streams
The shelves nudge my hips as I pass. They are jam-packed with too many books to count, But I do.  I count them all. Their pages are rough and worn. They hold memories of eras I long to visit.
To Whom it May Concern,
She dreams of the ocean late at night and longs for the wild salty air. We all know the beauty of waves at twilight; But she wants sails bathed in starlight, Winds raking their fingers through her hair,
Worlds away, yet by my side. Easy to see, but sometimes hides. Laughing and crying. Living and diying. It maybe just paper to you, but the things i see in them always come through.
The minute she steps foot in a libraryShe has an excited lookAnd before you can even blink your eyeShe has her nose in a book
All my life I’ve hidden behind books, But who am I without them? Am I athletic? Funny? Do I have looks? I’m searching for myself in all my brain’s nooks I have accomplished a lot in my lifetime:
It's just not about the dates or the facts that follow. Reading thousands of pages. Finding the truths in all the words written hundred year old pieces of parchment. It is about all the lives that were impacted.
I am what I am An unopened book, Withholding surprises. Patient in revealing secrets.   I am what I am A fictional hero. Durable courage, Balanced with sympathy  
Dear Me, The world cannot change you Although it has tried Stereotypes wont cage you nor the thoughts in your mind When shores become rocky And storms head your way Keep your head up
emotions meet your demise for it is a poem that looks you in the eye happiness no longer causes madness insanity reality clarity personality no longer cookie cutter
I'm a pretty girl  sometimes I forget that   I shouldn't care what people think  sometimes I forget that  People shouldn't take you for granted  sometimes I forget that  I'm more than a bookworm 
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