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Don't mourn for me I am not Don't grieve for me I am not I am but a wilted flower Your smile plagues my heart But i am still here
The hard metal risers held the students, Creaking under the large weight. Onto the next song in the performance, The conductor hastily turns on the mic. He, in his strapping tuxedo, faces the audience,
Me me myself  me myself and... me myself and {i} I am me only me alone   You ask what I would need if I were hypothetically alone, I can only take one thing
 Earpulgs in Bs out Slow beats is who  I am  Chopped & Screwed  Lone star state is where I belong Verses on a rap are words I don't have a chance to say. SOLO is the way
The Pit Bull friend or foe Mans best friend or no? Bread a killer or a devoted companion. The gentle giant to some, A murderer to most. Powerful, Intimidating, caring all so true,
I saw a million people Standing on a hill, Under the grey and square sky. When I went to ask them, What they were doing, They remained silent.  
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