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10   My first normal day in years If you could call it that I’ve been in and out of hospitals With test and treatments and monitors and ivs
A fresh start For new accomplishments  For new mistakes FIVE Full of tradtions  And superstitions  Pray for tomorrow FOUR Drunken bodies The count down Its almost here
You’ll never reach Your fiftieth wedding anniversary Your fortieth birthday I won’t be able to tease you About being “over the hill.”   You’ll never go to Your thirtieth high school reunion
.Twenty nine and fully broken time has burnt all it awoken twenty six and somewhat fearing quickly hope keeps disappearing twenty three and slightly doubting pushing through with fights and shouting
  3 minutes without oxygen too deep underwater to wonder if I can get to the surface   3 hours without shelter tooth chatteringly cold and I want to go home   3 days without water
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