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Clock strikes twelve Gorgeous prince dwells Fair maiden is locked in cell Lovers meet and step-mom lets out a yell  Someone rings the bells
Enlarge your vision … and You can achieve whatever You put Your mind to ..   increase Your confidence .. inside You are untapped potentials ..   Your dreams can definitely come true ..
  Your brown eyes made me shake, as I approached. Your laugh touched my heart, as we connected. Your smile shook my soul, as we danced together. When we connect again, smiles creep up.
The sound of far off drums, the heart of the tribe awakens and rushes the blood of fury, a beastly vibe, the sounds of life, Eden's garden, calms heart's strife, a tranquil pardon, to the strums of Zizi, and the Duke
Have you ever tried To hold back from crying Just to show other that you Aren't as weak as they say? Secretly as you cry You wish you weren't, but its Just so overwhelming.
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