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He doesn’t know how I see him  All he sees is a scene of violent color  On his muted, torn up, leather couch His drink seeps another ring into the oak into the family into me
Fight it, Come on, Fight it, I'm better than this,   Softly addictions whisper to me, Late at night when I'm all alone, But I'm tired of giving in, I'm tired of abusing myself,
I feel it again,The ferocious beating of calypso drums,Coursing through my fingers,Creating foul beings.These false shadows of which have burst forth from my skin,Have created a jazz band of sin.
Grass is greenier with bumble bees Depression goes away with some Hennessey Bonnie and Clyde were together to the very end You don't even want to be my friend   The alcohol and drugs don't mean a thing
There’s a saying that everybody has something to take away the painYours happened to be a poison,6 months before you leftThe doctor said if you continued to abuse alcohol You would die.Being addicted to something is like a moth is to a light. Ever
    Swirls of red angrily coated the walls. Nightmares whispered in the wind. She saw him in the flashes of lightening.   We sat together in a bus-stop. Alone, just her and I.
    She was tall and thin, old and grey. When I looked at her my blood ran cold. She had been kicked & beaten, battered and bruised.   Her name was midnight,
I don't have a number for how many times;But I remember running...I remember harsh lighting in tired eyes,And middle of the night, fight or flight car rides...Phone calls and ringing;Then screaming.
I'm sorry my love but I have a confession,
No such thing as time So no time to make the climb Even though you're dreaming In your sleep you're still screaming Even when you wake you still keep the pain
They all know the truth about him, They see behind all of the lies he tells But her heart is so pure She is naive, she is in love. No one can change her mind, She loves in the dark.
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