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Just Askinn   Is making out with a drunk girl the same as relapsing ? Not saying that I did .. Just askinn...
How are you? Im fine. Are you sure? Im fine.  You look sad though... Im fine. So no cravings?  Im fine. 
As a tribute to my dad now one year clean. To the bottom I go When I’ll be back, I don’t know I get lost on the way To a place I’ll stay
79 pages     79 pages, I swam through your gray matter 79 pages, I surfed through your white matter 79 pages, rough me up with your waves 79 pages, do what you do to my body
stumbling, slurring on the wet grass kissing him hitting him fire snaps, crackles   6 am cock crow sandwiched between  blue velveteen  and James Dean Get an advil, please
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