immigrant experience

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Something in me changed the moment I inhaled the wind that whips across my mother land. Immediately, I felt the strength of the gale inflate my lungs; my pores welcomed the brilliant sunrays.
I asked my mama, Why must we go? She held my small hand and gave it a meek squeeze. "For however long the nights are still cold, and our empty stomachs continue falling asleep, we won't exist anymore.
I was told a story  about a man a man who we will call david. we will call him david because he too is facing a giant and just like the david whose story we all can tell our david too will overcome.
Jittery, nervous, yet excited, with giddy anticipation coursing through my veins;   Scared, uncertain, yet determined,
Gold Diamond rich with them carats Bold red lips and them plastics Gold Blood dripping it's a classic American Dream......
The Sun rises and birds start to sing, as I look out my window,  little innocent me.  But little did I know, that my morning routine was about to be stopped.  It was time for me to leave, 
Who I am Am I my long Spanish name? Or am I the tongues of those who cannot pronounce it? [Can't I just call you Maria?] Am I my full, curvaceous, petite body frame?
My spirit calls out to my parents How I long to mend This relationship that got broken amongst the tides of assimilation And those years of miscommunication. This song goes out to my Dad and Mom.   
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