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a high school girl dreams of buffalo plaid bandanas and button downsyou know, of which that isadorned on the tartan kilts of gaelic menandblocked by the bodies of beloved on top of a picnic blanket
"uncle na!" I'd yell out, and jumped on to your back people would stare and maybe smile  to know she had a dad   adopted (maybe) or step-parent from birth either way, she's happy  
It’s been 1325 days since i found out that you passed away and i didn’t cry then but now my eyes are carrying the tears that are hanging on by a needle and thread.
Minnisota and Milwaulkee Explain soda Water just pops in your mouth.   Bestfriends turn to enimies. Without doubt. You can predict my future  You can reign on sight
Last year I was at a funeral for my grandmother. My strong, polish grandmother Who grew up in Dachau concentration camp. We all wept, Me especially,
8 years can fly by like a passing train, They can be full of happiness and sun, Or they can be full of depression and rain  Sometimes your thoughts can be overrun,
I can't grasp the concept of death; how someone can be here one moment and gone the next.I didn't think a fragile needle had the power to take the lifeof a man who fathered my cousin and had a wife.
Today I saw a squirrel  and I named it Peanut. I don't know why: he just looked like a Peanut, as in the name and not the food.   He was squat and round, grey whiskers poking out across
suicide isn't weak
You are and always will be my favorite uncle
You fought a war for almost 23 years
Why? Why, god have to take you away You were my hero in bright shiny armor You guided me into the light When i was hidden, hiding in a corner consumed by darkness  Consumed my pain and sorrow Why?
  I miss the type of friends we used to be, but uncle can't you see... that I'm dying, I've spent nights crying, making myself believe it's not true, and waking in the morning asking where are you?  
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