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Compatriots, we must never forget the gruesome massacre in Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli Gardens has the lowest crime rate and it is in fact the safest place in Kingston.
The rain of dark clouds, When the roof was uprooted, Befell on the cluttered- House with five faints.  Like a giant tree Lost two-three branches, Being not able to clutch  Then unpinned his cranium.  The deluge went with Low pace all, smashing Sli
An assassin of emotions & a murderer of spirits should not be blessed with such a melodious snicker & silvery mumble He should not have hair the shade of honey for he is not as sweet as such His smile should not sparkle as the stars do for
My words got lost, so did IIn a world where naked beast are “free”,Where one can’t see with the naked eye,And where there is no way to flee.
Let Magic lose the Tyranny of the Reason Let Beauty be the Moon amid a hopeful orison Let Knowing overturn Doubtful agony
Battle We the people have an obligation To escape this persecution in search Of a world in which we can be free Victory Now that the hard work is done And over with, we deserve a break
Trapped in a shell She's clawing to get out But no one can tell She makes sure, without a doubt.   Father would be enraged That's why I keep her caged. If you differ in opinion,
Barack Obama Pressing munchies on the poor Feeding off us all.
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