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Clouds float high in the sky. They are the apple of my eye.   They are so far, yet so near. They are so solid, yet so clear. How fast and scattered they can change. Yet, they are never in dissarange. 
Verse 1: I am one of billions of women  Who was put on this runway called Earth Where appearances, incomes, and people we know are averaged to total our worth.   
Have you ever felt inadequate, like you'll never amount to  anything, like you'll never accomplish your goals, like the people who tell you you'll only amount to nothing are actually right.That maybe, just maybe, they're telling you the
There are two very important things that you learn in anatomy class.   The first
I’ve tried, but haven’t succeeded, To let him know that I no longer need him. My actions stand-alone than my words,  But I can’t make him undo his hold. His presence disgusts me, makes me want to hurl,
First, I'm going to "Look At Myself"
A smile is what you see But it's what's insde is what you don't know about me. You thouht you knew
Sun Goddess The Nile is no longer dry! Why don’t you look up at the sky, Ra, you shine upon me again! Thank you Aten! I was so dull Now my reflection, my complexion Reflecting, the Sun I shine!
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