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I want to help you I know you are in mourning Your dad died too soon
  There once was a girl I met Was the best girl out there yet From bein’ together To barely ever Someon’ else got who I didn’t get
  Antonia We remember I remember Our childhood Had its pros and cons We’re adults now All grown up It’s crazy how time flies The few moments I spend with you now
Where is Waldo?Well he's somewhere I knowPlaying some kind of gameMaybe its Tic-Tac-Toe?Where is your wallet?Well I'm not sure butI'm sure that if you really lookedYou saw itWhere is God?
Poetry is the air I breathe, the sacred serene sound of peace, the one and only complete atmosphere, where symbols provoke happiness or fear.
I write to have a voice A voice that can scream A voice that can cry A voice that can laugh A voice that is understood by others A voice that means something   I write to have feeling
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