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i’ve been in a very bad place as of late, but i always have; maybe it is my fate to be miserable; how else could i pay for the things i have done? i could not say.   someone save me from this hell;
i’m not afraid of heights, i tell them, but i do fear stairs and ladders because i fear instability more than i do clowns or adders.   because i need all to be in order in my young and fruitful life.
i think the world is ending, or maybe that’s just me. maybe it’s wishful thinking and not a prophecy.   maybe i am mixing up the dreaming and the waking, or maybe i’m suffering from the pills that i’m not taking.
what do i think upon waking, upon the first blink of my eyes? every night, i try to remind myself to remember my thoughts when i rise.   and every morning my phone alarm rings,
cut me between the fingers so that no one else will see, and i’ll slice you up in figures divisible by twos and threes. meet me with a taxi, babe, you know just what i need.
Beautiful in silence Passing in grievance. My heart shall love evermore,
Despite what people say, i'll have a daughter one day. Maybe not by birth, but i’ll say one day. She’ll have her mother’s eyes, of the color they’ll be.
Love is blind Love is free. Love is all that you want it to be.
Take my hand Deliver me from evil Come with me Into eternal sunshine   Fly away to a new world.
-----------------------------------------   Like a storm baby Let's make way   Lightening. Thunder.   No sight of day. Dark Cold and damp.  
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