2013 contest

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A break in the norm Traditions broken Patterns erased Different, unexpected, new, life   Up or down, left or right, they are no longer options This a new beginning, a new time
If you could see what I hear it would make you laugh some times and othes live in fear..........Some times it's qiet and so serean and others the voices are deafening......I try to block them out with drugs and alcohol but that only helps for awhi
Most days I’m a bashful pink.     Blushing and shy.     Constantly hidden. Then I become a ruthless sea green.
I hear you, your voice is so faint. You’re invisible to my eyes. Searching for you, I question why? Answers almost grasped.
Jump, splash, plop. A calm peaceful pond, Little frogs swimming around, Exploring the wondrous beauty.
I focus fiercely and my frustration grows, as I try to unravel the mysteries and unlock all the secrets.
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