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The stars are shining bright In the middle of the sky Producing a faint light As I look up and sigh Their beauty is unmatched So bright and real I've grown quite attached To their perfect appeal
  Whenever I place a pen to a blank paper  I pause like a diver on a high diving board  Looking down at the waters below, so far away,  So far removed from the casual air of everyday life 
exhale— watch the tendrils of smoke dance before being whisked away. sitting on the porch railing his book open beside me as he searches for the meaning of life. he could give
Writing, it's quite a release,Giving away the emotions of the day.Writing, it brings me peace. Sometimes, I don't want to cease,It lets me say what I want to say.Writing, its quite a release. 
It was so easy at first. Like a moth to the flame. I was an innocent victum. And you a harmless game. Just skip one,  it can't hurt? After all, what's the worst? Nobody can see the damage,
Happiness isn't just an intense emotion. It's a state of mind, a sense of peace. One will simply find  happiness in the moment, not by searching for it.   Remember, there's more to being happy
Up e a r l y, sleep l a t e. These thoughts talking all before I fall. Asleep is where I cant go.  Because thoughts converse with e v e r y soul. 
No introduction was necessary For me to understand the healing that these words have had upon me Fate or destiny intervened leading me down this cathartic path
I'm sitting alone with my thoughts and everything I've ever done wrong.   The silence is burning. It screams in my ears.   Life is overwhelming but it's all we have here.  
My mind is racing  My heart is pacing Theres a tingling sensation in my fingertips I Just Want To Be Happy!  NO! It's right there within my reach Please! Let me just grasp it
My shattered remains Are scattered among the skies and I’m just laying here in some... restive peace Just waiting for that spark to ignite. Is this really what the meaning is? The meaning of life?
(poems go here) Shades of blue casting over stripes of gold; I watch as the colors shift from light to dark, and slowly the blackness conquers, razing any hint of sunlight that may shine through my window.
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